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Just in... Marvano's 'Grand Prix' trilogy, with sumptuous art work.

Mark Van Oppem was born in Zolder, Belgium in 1953, and began his working life as an interior designer. However, within a few years his passion for science-fiction illustration had taken over, and prompted him to move towards a career as an illustrator. Under the Marvano pseudonym, a contraction of his first name and surname, he started by illustrating new items in Orbit, a Dutch science-fiction magazine.
Marvano traces the career of German car drivers during the late '30s. The Nazi regime subsidised manufacturers so that their research in aerodynamics and engine power directly benefited the war effort.

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This picture was explained by Mick Walsh - editor in chief of 'Classic and Sports Car' magazine...
"...Hero GP journo Nigel Roebuck once told me a story about how Bernd Rosemeyer organized a protest at the Nazi's ruling of no kissing or displays of affection in public. Before the '37 German GP the Auto Union star talked other drivers into stepping from cars on the grid and seizing their wives and girlfriends in front of the main grandstand all to loud approval from the crowd. Official Adolf Hühnlein was outraged. "

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