23. BECKETT. Sir E.: Clocks, Watches and Bells.

crosby, Lockwood & Co, LOndon. 1883. 7th edition revised and enlarged. Rebound using original decorated green card covers. £50.00

21. BEESON. C.F.C.: English Church Clocks. 1280 - 1850.

AHS. 1971. 132pp. Index. Bibliography. Profusely illustrated with B/W plates. card covers. A highly prized book on turret clocks. Scarce. £55.00

14. CESCINSKY & WEBSTER: English Domestic Clocks.

Waverley Book Co. London. 1913 1st edition . 354pp. Index. Profusely illustrated by B/W plates, drawings. Essential reference work . £225.00

22. DERHAM. W.: The Artificial Clockmaker. A treatise of Watch and Clockwork: wherein the Art of Calculating Numbers for most sorts of Movements is explained to the capacity of the Unlearned. Also the History of Clock-work, both Ancient and Modern.

Thames Facsimile Co., Reading. 1962. ( 1st 1696) 132pp. Fold out chart of musical chimes. Green cloth with gilt lettering to spine. £55.00 SOLD  Please enquire for a facsimile copy.

20. FERSON. E.B.: Tower Clock and How to Make It. A practical and theoretical treatise on the construction of a chimney tower clock, with full working drawings photographed to scale.

Hazlitt & Walker, Chicago. 1903. 57pp. Illustrated with B/W drawings ( to scale). Card covers.This may be a later reprint, although there is no mention of it. VG condition. £20.00

2. GOULD.: The Marine Chronometer.

Potter, London. 1923. A well-preserved 1st edition copy of this rare book. An absolute MUST for any serious horologist's library. £450.00 SOLD

3. GREEN.: Old English Clocks. Being a collector's observations on some seventeenth century clocks

1931. Privately printed by St. Dominic's Press, Ditchling Common. Number 121 of 300 copies hand-printed on handmade paper, with the type distributed after completion. ( The letter blocks were broken up). Illustrated by "over fifty plates taken from photographs of the finest specimens." (See the learned article written by Jonathan Betts on this book in AH December 2003.) £800.00 SOLD

15. JAGGER. C.: Royal Clocks. The British Monarchy and its Timekeepers. 1300 - 1900.

Robert Hale, London. 1983 340pp. Index. Bibliography. Profusely illustrated by colour & B/W plates. A mint copy in slip case. The result of years of research by one of Britain's leading horological historians. A rich, fascinating book. £50.00

8. KING. H.C. & MILLBURN J.R.: Geared to the Stars. The Evolution of Planetariums, Orreries and Astronomical Clocks.

Adam Hilger, Bristol. 1978. 442 pp. Index. Bibliography ( 24pp!) and proper notes on references within text. Illustrated with B/W plates and diagrams. Altogether a fabulous book in fine condition with VVG D/W. £400.00

6. LAYCOCK. W.: The Lost Science of John "Longitude" Harrison

Briant Wright, Ashford, Kent. 1976. 159pp. Index. Bibliography. Illustrated B/W plates & diagrams. Signed by the author. Colour pictorial D/W. Fine. £250.00 SOLD

12. LEE. RA.: The Knibb Family of Clockmakers.

Manor House Press, Surrey. 1964. 1st edition. No. 492 of 1000 copies. 187pp. Index. Illustrated by numerous B/W plates, the notes to which are listed to the rear. Very good copy of this important book . . . £700.00 SOLD

13. MASON. B.: Clock and Watchmaking in Colchester. A History of provincial Clockmaking from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries in the oldest recorded town in Great Britain.

Hamlyn, London. 1969. 436pp. Index. Illustrated throughout by B/W plates. Printed on high quality paper - the most sought after of all books on regional clockmaking. £150.00

17. MERCER. V.: The Frodshams. The story of a family of chronometer makers.

AHS. 1981. 458pp. Index. Indices for numbering and Ships. Bibliography. Illustrated with B/W plates and diagrams. VG condition. £140.00SOLD

11. MERCER.V.: Edward John Dent and his successors.

AHS London 1977 829pp. Index. Special indices for numbering and ships. Bibliography. Chronometer records. Kew certificates. Illustrated with B/W + colour plates. Fine copy in VG colour pictorial D/W. £300.00 SOLD

16. PIPPA. L.: Masterpieces of Watchmaking. Vol.1.

Sperling & Kupfer, Milan. 1966. 236pp. Index.Profusely illustrated with colour and B/W plates. Fine copy with text in English, French and German. Colour pictorial D/W has 2 small tears. £45.00

19. ROBERTS. D.: Precision Pendulum Clocks. France, Germany, America and recent Advancements.

Schiffer, USA. 2004. Volume 3 is now published - please call if you need a copy of this sumptuous book which completes the trilogy telling the complete story of precision pendulum clocks. £79.95

4. SYMONDS.R.W.: Thomas Tompion. His Life and Work 1639 - 1713.

Batsford, London. 1951 De Luxe 1st edition limited to 350 copies. 320pp. Index. Illustrated with numerous B/W plates. Bound in red morocco with cloth boards all within a slip case. A fine copy with the very slightest evidence of wear on the slip case. £750.00 SOLD


24. WHITE, G. English Lantern Clocks.

Antique Collectors' Club. 1989. An extremely difficult book to find. Fine condition.VG D/W. 539 pages. Index. Profusely illustrated. Definitive work. £750 SOLD